Street Deejays Western Ugandas top 10 songs | Week 20

CJ Champion is the artist to have an eye to. For his cool beats in Rege Rege, and nice lyrics he has merged to feature on no.1 for the second week. And his “One and only” featuring Queen Marion as well making hadlines on our number 4. And The pulse band has Karamare, its a cool start for the trending band group and the song gets us back to real music.

And the Kwangwaru Riddim from Street Deejays! The riddim has almost made better lyrics in Runyankole than in Swahili. The riddim features the original version thou Runyankole lyrics made it feature here after quick downloads in just a few days. Ray’G s Niiwe there and Omwana womutungi dominating the playlists has featured on our number five.

Here is the top 10 from western Uganda’s freshest deejays.

10. Kwangwaru Riddim-Allstars ft Street deejays

9. Matatu-Hulk Omufilika

8. Tittle-Shine omukiga ft Andy

7. Niiwe-Ray G

6. Maata gange-Carol Kay

5. Omwana womutungi-Moureen Baibe

4. One and Only-CJ Champion ft Queen Marion

3. Choose me-Mercy Elizabeth

2. Karamare- The Pulse UG

1. Rege Rege-CJ Champion

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