Making Headlines: Dr Hamza bewitched Rema – Peng Peng laments

Ugandan export Raymond Soulfa alias Peng Peng has lamented claiming that Rema was bewitched to leave Eddy Kenzo for Dr. Hamza Ssebunya.

Peng Peng says  Hamza’s herbs worked very well on Rema. He can’t see any serious reason why she would leave a hard-working man, Kenzo and an international star for a no body (Hamza).

“Kenzo still winning and shinning internationally while some one is soon a wife to a no body ( Hamza) … Folks Witchcraft exists… You can’t stand one man who is always traveling to put food on table but you can stand a man with three wives,” he wrote.

Rema is expected to officially introduce his new man Dr. Hamza Ssebunya to her parents on 14th of November.


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