Exclussive: One on One with Dj Alberto 43

Celebrated Dj Alberto 43 shares his musical life with Mr vybs live.

Mr vybs live: Who’s alberto 43?

Dj Alberto 43: Alberto is just a simple man from Ntungamo, is a very nice munyankole boy who is married with 2 kids.

Mr vybs live: Where did you attend your education to?

Dj Alberto 43: I did my primary at Mbarara Municipal School, My secondary at Nyakayojo SS and Mbarara Modern then campus at UCU

Mr vybs live: There’s’ a newspaper, sort of a campus paper that published about your dropping out of campus. How about that?

Dj Alberto 43: Yeah I had an issue, and had to repeat papers after the year, but I completed campus.

Mr vybs live: Now, when did you join the deejaying game?

Dj Alberto 43: Deejaying am actually going to celebrate 10 years next year, I joined in 2011

Mr vybs live: What inspired u to join this kind of game among all other things?

Dj Alberto 43: I think it’s because of the love of music, I usually found myself in music be it school, be it church so I think It’s been music all the way.

Mr vybs live: Now the name Dj Alberto 43 follows in the line of the legend Dj Alberto. What is the secret, he inspired you or?

Dj Alberto 43: My name is Albert, when I joined deejaying I found there’ was an Alberto already. I decided to add a number that I’ve been using for almost all school levels on index, it was a suggestion on my email and reg. number at campus so I just decided to follow that, and add it on my name to make it Alberto 43. That’s why there came up a company called 43 effect.

Mr vybs live: Now in your deejaying game, how and where did you start your career from?

Dj Alberto 43: Starting this career was at campus, I used to do mixes in my room at campus and my friends appreciated my works. Coming from campus in a discussion, my friends pushed me to go to Casablanca and look for a job so that’s how I started, they gave me a job and in 2 months I was qualified to always play in weekend so my career started in Kampala.

And during my intern with Vision group, I first worked with Nicoz lounge. So during the night I would do my shit, during the day I be at my internship place.

Mr vybs live: Now where do you do your works from?

Dj Alberto 43: Apparently am based in Mbarara, after returning officially in 2014. I started to work with 211, TV West, Nicoz Lounge, there’s Ice Lounge then Kabale there’s a bar called Mist Bar. But now I work with Soho Terrace and Signature Premium in Mbarara, and Crooze FM, then I have a bar that I always go to once in a month in Kabale and Fort Portal, but now we are affected with lockdown.

Mr vybs live: Since you joined Mbarara you’ve been at the top of game and people looking at you as the best deejay in the region. What keeps you on top?

Dj Alberto 43: These things of entertainment are usually showbiz and showbiz most of the people take it to be like competition which is very wrong. Because when you are working hard to be on the top, you are not competing with anyone you are striving to be on top that’s usually the thing. Every time I wake up am thinking of what will challenge yesterdays’ Alberto because if I compete with someone else, I’ll be out of the focus. Because their targets are not my targets, I usually look up to myself. You learn some few things from those better than you. That’s the only thing I do and God, God comes first above all.

Mr vybs live: Okay, I was reading your biography and found out that you are a son to a reverend. How comes the son to a religious leader is the one playing in clubs, bars all night?

Dj Alberto 43: God is good! The thing is, there’s no one born of a reverend. Reverends are trained in schools; No one is born with such tittles. My dad has opportunities of producing people of different careers, am a deejay, my sister is a teacher, another one is an accountant, another one is an IT specialist we don’t have a reverend yet at home but you never know I might be a reverend at 32 because am just 31 you never know, I may get out of this shit and you find I have a church. And actually, i’ve never seen my dad scolding me that am a deejay.

Mr vybs live: Now we have seen you feature in some songs, like show me of Winnie Nwagi, Latinum and others. We have as well seen some other deejays like Dj Shiru, Slickstuart and Roja feature artists…Is it the move you are taking or?

Dj Alberto 43: By the way those songs you hear, they do them and send them to me unknowingly. Mine is different from the Shiru’s, they are like drops. They do them for the love and I have many of them.

Mr vybs live: Now for the past years, the music and deejaying game of western Uganda has grown abit. Should we think we are reaching there or?

Dj Alberto 43: We are still lagging, and what is lagging us behind is blames. We are still blaming this, blaming that which is letting us back. If people accept and we work to have a better thing in western Uganda, We would do something great. We have opportunities from the central but bad thing is we are only exporting one person, why…because he has managed to penetrate through and instead of other people doing the same they are seriously blaming people they are working with like us the deejays, radio stations. But at some point I blame us the media guys, we don’t tell the artists the truth about their music quality when actually their songs are not worth for export. So you find, they are not taking any step.

But people have improved like we have TPaul is coming, Omega 256, we have Mat Henry those Shine Omukiga, but still there are those who became silent.

Mr vybs live: You talked about blaming and, after the Ray G live concert last year where you were the official deejay, the deejays started blaming you in a stunt of Ray G not paying them. How was the story?

Dj Alberto 43: Me I had no problem, I agreed with Ray G management to work for them and we agreed on payments and I was paid. From the introduction, they dint tell me that I was to work with anybody else. It was a misunderstanding between those deejays and the artists’ management. Though for the success of the show the artist would have called them and appreciated them. I was paid why I would involve in “mpalanilako”. It was though settled at last.

Mr vybs live: Now we’ve seen you on bigger events, showcasing as the official deejay, say Ray G live concert, Ekinihiro among many. Why Alberto among all the deejays in Mbarara.

Dj Alberto 43: I think its Gods favor because I don’t know how my name comes up, I don’t usually ask for those gigs, all my jobs have been calls. What I’ve learnt, you make friends and friends connect you to those gigs. I’ve been connected by my friends even when the bosses don’t know me.

Mr vybs live: Away from deejaying what else are you looking at?

Dj Alberto 43: You know am a family man already I have two kids growing up, I’ve been doing some construction project at home so am done. I’m looking at business, I want to get rid of these jobs we are hired but otherwise am running my office though it doesn’t earn that much money but it is there.

Mr vybs live: Maybe you can tell us about the 43 effect thing?

Dj Alberto 43: 43 effect is a deejay and entertainment company, majorly started to do strictly entertainment. Initially I was Silver six, in 2016 that’s when the 43 effect started. I was joined by Sean Davis and Mac Dj in 2017 it is majorly a brotherhood. We don’t train, we don’t sign, it’s just a brotherhood. I brought those guys up because they wanted to be on the team. We are brothers working together for a common goal.

Mr vybs live: In your deejaying game, what are those challenges you’ve faced?

Dj Alberto 43: Challenge number one, is fellow deejays not giving you space because you know if a deejay knows you he can get you a gig somewhere. Then the other thing, they don’t value deejays, any technical error takes a big blame to the deejay even if it was electricity. Then availability of equipment, the equipment is still expensive and the payment is still low. So those are the challenges so far.

Mr vybs live: Any achievements so far?

Dj Alberto 43: Yeah, my biggest achievement is that I’ve made friends, very many important friends that I can’t even tell you about. Number 2 is, I’ve managed to travel places, I’ve played in Gulu, I’ve played in Lila, Soroti, Jinja Mbale Mukono I’ve been to Fort portal Kasese, Kisoro Kabale, almost the who country. I been to Kigali, but I’ve not played in Tanzania and Kenya thou. And actually I was on a musical tour in South Africa sometime but I had just gone to see how people do things, I had not gone to work. But you should know that deejaying can take you places. Then I got family, and I’ve managed to set up some projects home.

Mr vybs live: Now what advise can you drop to the upcoming deejays and those dreaming to be deejays?

Dj Alberto 43: I advise them to just focus on their dreams. Not everybody is wishing you well even if you are smiling, even if you say you are the baddest. Just know you can keep on your dream. Even if it is a group, just focus on your dream. Then people, who are dreaming to be deejays, let them come with passion. Passion takes you everywhere.

Mr vybs live: Maybe where should we expect Dj Alberto 43 in the 10 years to come?

Dj Alberto 43: In 4 years am retiring permanent deejaying, am going to be temporarily. Am going to be a retired deejay whereby if you need me for a gig, you just call me. Now Dj Alberto will do the magic in these 4 years.

Mr vybs live: Let’s get to the lockdown, the government suspended bars, night clubs and events. How is Alberto 43 in this condition?

Dj Alberto 43: Alberto 43 is surviving like any other, what I made sure of is that my family is okay.  But if things get tight man, we are going to suffer because I see this is not ending tomorrow. Actually I’ve been having a Mixtape selling for 2 weeks and thank God, I managed to sell 33 copies. Actually by next week, I’ll be releasing another Mixtape for sale, but we have some others for free.

Mr vybs live: Lastly a message to your fans, followers and fellow deejays.

Dj Alberto 43: To my fans, you should love Alberto, stick to Alberto don’t go anywhere please please. Actually I’m going to do something different not playing music only, you’ll be seeing something different but musical. The other fellow deejays, I like the way they are doing the thing right about now. We have very many beautiful and nice deejays in town, I like it that western is becoming difficult. Then to the musicians I love the direction they are taking, if we continue like that we can be the best. Because we are respected when I go to Kampala, people are talking about western Uganda as if it is a threat, when it is not.

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