Electoral Commission warns on registering dead people

Officials from electral commission have asked stakeholders in Rwenzori region to ensure all dead people and those who migrated from one are to another have been removed from the National Voters Register in the forthcoming voters verification exercise.

This has been said by Jennina Sabiti the Rwenzori Region Electral Officer during a one day regional workshop for stakeholders on village verification update of the national Voters Register and registers of special interest groups in preparation for 2020/2021 general election. The works were held at Kalya courts Hotel in Fort Portal Municipality.

In her remarks Jennina Sabiti said she has noticed that some people failed to remove the names of the dead people from the registers who also ends up voting a reason she say is illegal.

To address that Jennina said verification exercise will reach in villages for LCI chairmen to verify their residents.

Asiimwe Steven the RDC Kabarole district asked the electro commission to be Keen on qualifications of the contestants in order to avoid post election cases that may occur.

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