Buchamans’ appointment disorganize NRM in Kampala, leaders threaten to quit party

The ruling National Resistance Movement Party is on tention after party leaders in Kampala threatened to quit the party, accusing President Museveni of sidelining them while distributing money and choosing party representatives of the ghetto.
The NRM chairman for Kampala Central, Mr Salim Uhuru, claims that the national party chairman has ignored existing party structures while giving out funds in the city. “They have gone purposely because of Bobi Wine, the president of Ghetto in Kamwokya. But me I am the chairman of Ghetto. He would have used me. Thanks for eating money; I have sacrificed my life, time and money to ensure the NRM party succeeds in Kampala,” Mr Uhuru said in an interview on Monday, November 4.
He was referring to the President’s choice of Buchaman and Catherine Kusasira as his presidential advisors for the ghetto and Kampala affairs, respectively. But Mr Uhuru said the President is not even distributing the money to the actual NRM supporters in the area.
“Those they are giving money are not even Kampala residents. The President visits Kampala Central and forgets us. This is not the first time. The money being distributed in Kampala is not even benefiting area residents,” he said.
“I am totally demotivated. My heart is wounded and my effort and courage is gone. So let me concentrate on my other businesses,” he added.
This is not the first time the Kampala NRM leadership is accusing the party leadership of sidelining them. Last year, NRM leaders in Kampala accused Mr Museveni of undermining party structures by dishing out cash to several youths in the district.
In the charged meeting, leaders accused Mr Museveni of not utilising the party structures while traversing the city. They say a whole party chairman cannot undermine the same structures placed under his party.
“We are busy singing long live NRM while sacks of money are given to those that don’t support the party,” one of the members said. “Museveni is selfish, he only cares about his power and votes,” another added.

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